The entire Extrucan team contributes towards recycling and caring about the environment

It is a philosophy that is encouraged and adopted by everyone. We produce little waste seeing as we recycle our internal production waste and mix it all up for later reuse. Over the years we decided to go the extra mile by:

  • installing a closed-loop water recycling and cooling system
  • using 100% neon T5 lighting in the factory
  • recycling machine residues following the employees’ request
  • recycling cardboard and pallets
  • recycling of all materials such as aluminium, steel, aerosol containers
  • capstocking different pieces in order to limit the need to recycle


Many types of plastic compounds exist, but PVC can not be ignored due to its environmental benefits:

  • PVC is recyclable
  • PVC requires less energy to be transformed into a finished product in comparison to other materials
  • it is typically without lead or heavy metals
  • there is far less plasticizer migration compared to other plastic compounds
  • many types of PVC meet standards such as UL, AAMA, CSA and others