The whole team contributes to the continuous improvement of our quality control. It is a company philosophy understood and shared by everyone. Throughout our 30 years of existence, we have never ceased to develop and improve upon our quality control procedures. We utilise cutting-edge equipment, such as optical comparators, laser dimension controllers, dimensional validation computer software, control plans and many others.

We are able to verify the dimensions of parts and much more:

  • Shock resistance of parts; impact tests
  • Colour validation with a spectrophotometer
  • Computerized dimensional report with ERK
  • Go/No-go template
  • Assembly validation

In short, all the competencies present within our team are used to provide you with pieces that surpass your expectations.

Mould manufacturing and internal design department

Our design team can respond to your requirements very rapidly thanks to its extensive expertise in the area of research and development. We possess our own workshop and are therefore able to produce moulds at a low cost. We have also acquired our own Wire EDM machine. In addition to manufacturing our own moulds, we also make our own inspection templates and some of our own production equipment.

Development of our plastic compounds

With the help of our partners, we have developed many plastic compounds to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We have developed compounds that:

  • are resistant to very low or high temperatures
  • are very impact resistant
  • have precise colours
  • have low elongation
  • resume their shape after compression
  • have good UV resistance
  • are organic-based plastics

In summary, we can develop plastics according to your specific needs and we can offer you a large selection of compounds to choose from.

A coextrusion second to none

The vast choice of available materials and our in-house production of tools have resulted in us gaining a unique expertise regarding the fusion of plastic compounds. We can offer welding of unparalleled quality for specific projects that are specially requested by our partners.